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Gaining Visibility + Momentum Through Facebook Ads


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This course is the complete breakdown of the ads we run! Being small business owners ourselves, Sharon Gutierrez and Terence Crouch, are ready to help you move your business forward! 

100% Self-Paced, 10+ Modules PLUS Bonus Content! 

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Complete Course Layout

Module 1:

  • Know your business
  • Understanding Your Audience 
  • Setting Goals for ads 
  • What can visibility get you? 
  • Building momentum

Module 2:

  • Personal page versus business page 
  • How to optimize social sites for branding and SEO 
  • Setting clear call to action 
  • How to track progress 

Module 3:

  • Business manager introduction 
  • Benefits of business manager 
  • Setting up business manager 
  • Instagram vs Facebook vs Audience network 
  • Adding users to manager
  • Adding billing into to business manager 
  • Beginner to advanced analytics 

Module 4:

  • Ad fundamentals 
  • Understanding captivating copy 
  • Understanding quality graphics 
  • Terms Of Service 
  • 30 ways not to get your ad denied 
  • What happens if your ad is denied 
  • What makes an ad 'good', 'better', 'best'

Module 5:

  • Understanding ad objectives 
  • Split Testing for audiences 
  • Four types of ads covered in this course: Retargeting, brand awareness, growth, traffic, 

Module 6:

  • Complete walkthrough of a page growth ad, start to finish 

Module 7:

  • Complete walkthrough of a traffic ad, start to finish 

Module 8:

  • Complete walkthrough of a brand awareness ad, start to finish 

Module 9:

  • Introduction to pixels 
  • Installing a pixel 
  • How to reach FB support 
  • Complete walkthrough of a retargeting ad growth ad, start to finish 

Module 10:

  • Congrats! You finished... now what? 
  • Evaluating ad results
  • What a 'funnel' really is 
  • The end of 'bro' marketing 
  • Summary of advanced types of ads 



You Are Ready To Get Traction...

Stop just posting... Let's go for thousands of views instead of 10s...

If you have a business or a message, you know there are a few key things: 

- You know your message!

- You know your target market, who they are and what they want!

- You've even started creating content... but you just aren't getting the traction you desire... 

That's where we come in. As content creators, Terence Crouch + Sharon Gutierrez have been in the social media game since he beginning. Building hundreds of businesses through speaking, workshops, consulting and ads management, we know that without ads, getting eyes on YOU is nearly impossible. 

Go from tens or hundreds of views on that video to thousands with an affordable budget. 

Build for the soloprenuer or small business, whether it's you or your assistant going through this course, you are going to learn how to get traction through ads! 


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About Terence Crouch, Social Media Agency


From working with Hilton to Disney, I’ve seen social media grow and shift drastically over the years.

Crouch.Digital was created out of my true passion, small business. Small businesses being able to access corporate experience and gain real traction is what we do.

CrouchDigital is an online social media agency that specializes in creating captivating & engaging contentpinpoint accurate social media ads, & fun & exciting community management. With over 20 years of combined digital marketing experience we have the tools necessary to elevate your business.


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About Sharon

You may not know my story… but about 6 years ago I was working full time as a marketing director at a nonprofit. I attended my very first networking event and hated it.

“I will never live the kind of life where I need to do THAT!” that was how I felt about networking.

Little did I know, over the next several years I would take my knack for people along with creating systems that would allow me to make the best use of my time and build TWO 6-figure businesses. INTERNATIONALLY….

Not to brag, but here are some of the things I’ve done…

  1. International Speaker

  2. Featured in Honolulu Business Magazine as a “Superwoman!”

  3. Built a Location Independent Business… twice.

  4. Won awards for my first course, Down & Dirty Facebook Ads

  5. Built a marketing agency that has worked with clients all over the US

  6. Created a 6-figure business from a BLOG

  7. Worked with hundreds of small business owners to level up their business through mentorship, digital courses, agency work, trainings and motivational speaking

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If this sounds like a good fit for you, purchase today and enjoy a BONUS quick and dirty overview of Sharon building a sales page, mailchimp opt-in and two FB ads! 

Get 72% Off Today!