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Digital Courses done in true Sharon fashion: intense, thorough, and taught from real-life experiences. 

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It's time to make things happen... don't wake up another day without activating your business and curating your ideal life.

From mindset to business development to manifestation to high technical Facebook ads, I've made it happen. This is your chance to experience it one course at a time. 



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Technical Skills


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Who is Sharon?


International Motivational Speaker. Best Selling Author. Premier Marketing Coach. Podcaster. Tech Founder.  

I've truly built an empire from nothing. I grew up in Alaska in isolation, not attending school and working retail until I was 19. It was then I was encouraged to attend college by a boss, and I never stopped. 

I spend 9 years running a digital marketing agency, which was my first entrepreneurial venture, and founded that my technical ability, social media ad experience paired with my real-life experience of growing business, gave me an edge. I could break down incredibly complex ideas in easy to digest formats and launched my speaking career in 2013.

I've created each of these courses from a place of love, alignment and inspiration. Every lesson in every course contains key pieces of inspirational and actionable treasures that will catapult your business forward. It's up to you to take it in and make it happen. 

Cheers to building empires, together. 



More About Me

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The Coaching Course: $0 to $10k Months!

10 Module Intensive Program = Everything you need to build the coaching business of your dreams!

If you are a brand new coach or you are you aren't consistently hitting $5k per month, this course is for you! 

This course is the complete breakdown of how I went from running a digital marketing agency to my first $10k month in coaching in 4 months!*

100% Self-Paced, 10+ Modules PLUS contracts, content templates for sales strategies and more! 


Learn More: The $0 to $10k Coaching Program

Facebook Ads for Visibility + Momentum

You Are Ready To Get Traction...

Stop just posting... Let's go for thousands of views instead of 10s...

If you have a business or a message, you know there are a few key things: 

- You know your message!

- You know your target market, who they are, and what they want!

- You've even started creating content... but you just aren't getting the traction you desire... 

That's where we come in. As content creators, Terence Crouch + Sharon Gutierrez have been in the social media game since the beginning. Building hundreds of businesses through speaking, workshops, consulting, and ads management, we know that without ads, getting eyes on YOU is nearly impossible. 

Learn More: Facebook Ads For Visibility + Momentum

My Social Media Secrets

This IS attraction marketing. Join me in a 5-module intensive training on all things social media and ads that will create a big income for your business. I will be showing you all the different ways to create your brand, advertise your brand, and focus in on how social media is one of the best ways to generate income.

I cannot stress enough how this is the exact formula I've used in my business and worked with so many other entrepreneurs to do the same! 

Learn More: Social Media Secrets

Momentum Conference VIP Replay 

On 10.20.2020 we held a POWERFUL 1-day virtual conference and it was LIFE CHANGING! Relive the experience today! 

Real-life business owners. Real actionable steps. With 10+ years of experience per speaker, we know how to build businesses... fast.

The opportunity to get the action steps you need to engage in rapid growth THIS year are here!

2020 has been a year of chaos and uncertainty for many business owners and professionals... but there are some of us that took the opportunity to move forward by light-years.

Join us for a 1-day, super-intensive, fast-paced, and action-based conference designed on giving you the tools to build massive momentum!

Learn More: The Momentum Conference Replay

The Millionaire Membership

What you'll get:

  • Get full access today to all the 2020 courses!
  • Pick and choose what classes and lessons to take!
  • Get a FREE "Welcome to the Millionaire Membership" call with Sharon Gutierrez to plan how you are going to take the courses based on your skill level!
  • Facebook Ads Course ($349 Value)
  • $0 to $10k Coaching Program ($1,500 Value)
  • The Momentum Conference Replay ($199 Value) 
  • Social Media Secrets ($750 Value) 
  • Select new programs included in the Membership! 
  • VIP pricing on signature programs and one-on-one coaching!

**1 Year Minimum Commitment. After 12-months you can cancel at any time. May not include all newly launched programs in 2021** 

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What can you expect from Sharon Gutierrez?

A well-thought-out lesson plan, a ton of value, incredibly high quality, and explicit content. I do swear, in real life and in every course, so let that be known. 



The Best Value!

  • Facebook Ads For Visibility + Momentum ($349)
  • $0 to $10k Coach Program ($1,500) 
  • Social Media Secrets ($750)
  • The Momentum Conference Replay ($199)
  • 1 year minimum membership contract 
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Esther Patterson
"Motivational, strategic, intentional, consistent, straightforward, action, activation."
Jon Launer

"She is a vibrant  personality that is full of energy and very astute in the different platforms of social media and how to use them."

Kamyla Andrlik
"Not only does she provide valuable insight, but she also helps turn big ideas into practical steps you can take on a daily basis."
Dan Hanecak
I'm in the best position I've ever been business-wise. And i have her to thank for steering the ship in that direction."
Ryan Brennan
"The energy that has came my way in business has brought me in more than an extra $1,000 per month. Clients are rolling in."

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