Social Media Secrets: My Entire Content + Ad Strategy For A 6-Figure Brand!

These FIVE videos give you the foundation you need to succeed, and I dish on every. single. secret. I have... 

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PS The 3 minute video below is all about what, how and WHY!


5 Videos + ALL My Secrets = Never Worrying About Content Again + Getting PAID!

5 video course, Get 100% CLARITY on everything you need to know to start your social media and ad strategies!


Five Video Training plus Q&A at the end of the training


It costs $500 for a 1 hour strategy session with me. 


You are getting 5 Videos that are all over an hour for $750... 


My experience: 

  • I've Had $10,000 launches 
  • Hit best selling lists with my book only with social media 
  • Have consistent 6-figure years 
  • Gotten clients for social media ($5,000 from 1 post!) 
  • Gotten INTERNATIONAL speaking engagements from social media 
  • Have TIME and ENERGY to have a LIFE!

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5 Video +

All My Social Media Secrets +

Agency Strategies =

NEVER doubting what to post again + getting PAID!


Hey Guys, I know how you feel... 

Social media is just plain overwhelming. There are so many platforms, no clear cut strategy, everybody looks like they are doing it "better" (whatever that means!) and it's not even making money... 

Not to mention... you have no idea what to post, how often or where! You don't have professional photos. You hate doing videos and the list just doesn't stop. 

Because of the overwhelm you either do nothing or keep putting forward haphazard content! 

You might feel... 

  • Embarrassed of your branding + graphics
  • Insecure about how often to post
  • Afraid of what your friends are thinking
  • Posting sales stuff but not getting any sales 
  • Stuck in the mindset of 'hating social media' 
  • Have anxiety about lives 
  • Have no idea what to post on instagram or how to make it 'look good'

I get it... because I was 100% there. I thought I had to go to 100 networking events to ever make any money... my business strategy was solid, but I spent so much energy on clients I was never working on my own stuff that much... plus I was terrified of being on social media. I wanted to be private and "behind the scenes" and honestly, who cared what I had to say anyways... 


Let me simplify all of this for you in these courses...

"There is a constant game of 'where is Sharon' happening online... my secret? I'm a homebody who only puts on makeup 3x a week!" -- Sharon 

...But I found the ANSWER!

Mindset + Content Strategy + a TON of time hacks = Ease and Flow With Social Media!

In this 5-Video Training, I can break down EACH step of the social media process. I'll give you a hint -- you don't need hundreds of followers to make 6-figures... just a handful of the RIGHT people! 

You'll walk away knowing: 

  • What is your brand voice
  • How often to post and where 
  • All about filters! 
  • How to take selfies that look like photoshoots 
  • When to engage and when to sell 
  • What platforms are important 
  • My secret content hacks
  • My engagement formulas 
  • When I use personal, when I use business pages 
  • What ads I actually run
  • My ACTUAL ads budget 
  • and so. much. more.. 

Only $750! 

Do not wait... do not wake up 6 months from now and be in the exact same place with the exact same issues. Sign up. Show up. I am a regular person, with a regular life, but I've built an online that keeps getting me paid! Plus, I never feel salesy or that "ick" factor of posting cheesy sales stuff every other day... 

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Video 1: The mindset of social media!

  • How to create with ease and flow!
  • The 80/20 rule!
  • The #1 rule for ALL thing social media
  • Q&A

Video 2: Content Strategy

  • Never have to THINK about what you are going to post... plus creating a strategy that focuses on YOUR revenue goals
  • Content strategy by month
  • Revenue strategy by month
  • Content strategy by day
  • Content strategy by platform
  • Q&A

Video 3: Organization, photos and tricks

  • All about the photos!
  • Selfie tricks
  • How to batch photos
  • How to organize photos
  • My filter secrets!
  • Instagram professional breakdown
  • Hot-seat audits! 
  • Q&A

Video 4: Sales strategy

  • Top 10 social media sales strategies
  • What do I use canva for
  • FB Groups -- love 'em, hate 'em?
  • Breaking down the "Funnel" concept
  • Q&A 

Video 5: Advertisement

  • Do you need ads? 
  • My ACTUAL ads strategy 
  • How I got 250 e-mails for a $60 ad spend 
  • Walk-through 3 types of ads I use on the regular! 
  • Q&A


Sign Up Now: Only $750, $150 per video!

Social Media Secrets: One Time Payment of $750

$750.00 USD
Social Media Secrets: 3 Payments of $250

3 Monthly Payments of $250

This Program Is Right For You:


  • You know doing something self-paced just isn't going to work for you
  • You have NO idea what to post, where and how often
  • You are struggling with Instagram 
  • You are struggling with stories 
  • You aren't making sales
  • You have a DEAD Facebook Group 
  • You know you are capable of more but you crave direction
  • You know what you want, but are not totally sure how to get there
  • You have major goals, but don’t know how to break them into daily activities
  • Have spent countless hours and dollars on webinars and training but struggle to actually implement the pieces
  • You have sought out mentors but been disappointed
  • You find yourself spending more time researching ideas than taking action
  • You are constantly seeking some kind of guidebook or roadmap
  • You want more confidence!
  • You've hired 'marketing' experts but no results



Program Investment + Outline: 

5 videos can feel like a lot, or a maybe not enough — but I KNOW how powerful this is... What does it look like?


  • Secrets of my success that I have never shared!
  • Instant access to 5 videos that you can watch in a ROW! 
  • Trainings are 1 hour to 90 minutes, depending on the content and Q&A. 
  • All trainings are loaded into your dashboard same day for lifetime access! 
  • Brand Audits and Q&A 
  • ALL your questions answered!

Your Investment:

One Time Payment: $750


Payment Play: 3 months at $250

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VIP: Includes 1 month of in-person coaching with ME! $1,500 1-time payment only

1 Time Payment: $750
3 Monthly Payments: $250
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I am SOOO excited to add a VIP option for this course! This is perfect if you are ALL in this and want CUSTOM strategy for YOU and YOUR business!

Upgrade and get: 

  • One month of 1-on-1 coaching *currently only available in 6 month packages! 
  • My Facebook Ads Course, TOTALY FREE! 
  • 4 weekly coaching calls 
  • Unlimited Voxer Support 
  • Copy of my Marketing Action Plan
  • FREE Signed Copy of The Manifest List -- my best selling journal! 

Upon signup, you will get a link to my calendar to schedule your FIRST coaching call right away! 

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Sign Up Now: One time payment of $750 or 3 easy payments of $250

Social Media Secrets: One Time Payment of $750

$750.00 USD
Social Media Secrets: 3 Payments of $250

3 Monthly Payments of $250

Why am I qualified to go on this journey with you? Well... starting from nothing, I’ve built not one but two successful businesses while creating a lifestyle important to me.

6-figure coaching business, multi-6-figure agency founder, tech-founder, international motivational speaker, podcaster, best selling author... 

In the course of building my agency, not only did I set up my own business for success but worked with a LOT of different businesses in multiple areas. Marketing is my main thing but consulting in other areas are just as important. What good is people coming to you if you can’t deliver?


  • Employee Retention
  • Profitability
  • Automation
  • Value Differentiation
  • Selling With Ease
  • Ideal Clients
  • Networking
  • Copy/Content
  • SEO + SEM Training
  • and more…




  • 100% Virtual! 
  • First-Generation College Student (with honors!)
  • Marketing Director of a multi million dollar nonprofit
  • Throwing 300+ attendee events
  • A BNI Director, in multiple states!
  • Radio Show
  • Worked with eye clinics to coaching certification companies to interior designers to IT companies to pet boarding facilities, and everything in between!
  • $10,000 course launches!
  • Successfully expanded from Hawai’i to Alaska and now Atlanta
  • ... and more!





Every effort has been made to accurately represent this training and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings are exceptional results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on their background, professional ability and level of follow-through. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money with the methods taught during this mentorship. The templates provided are for educational purposes only and should not be used as legal or financial advice. Due to the nature of digital products and the coaching relationship, refunds are not available.