The Mogul Mastermind 

The membership based weekly mastermind for entrepreneurs ready to step into their power and build an empire

The Mogul Mastermind 

The membership for entrepreneurs ready to become step into their power and build an empire. 

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[mo·gul: A powerful person.]

Dear Future Mogul, 

You were called for more. You have been playing around for long enough. It's time to step into your power and start charging your worth and building multiple streams of income from your soul led business. 

My name is Sharon Gutierrez and I've built an empire. In the 10+ years of being an entrepreneur I've learned the secret to creating multiple streams of income from being authentically me. 

I want to share the most powerful lessons I've learned, the technical step-by-steps to automations and scaling and how to package your knowledge and experiences into something that produces income and changes the lives of your clients. 

Here is the high level overview: 


✔️ Monthly High Vibe Intensive ($300 to $700 Value -- I sell these intensives separately) 

Intensives take place the first Thursday of the month. 

In the monthly intensive, taught live and then loaded into your dashboard, I will share with you powerful actionable lessons on building your empire. Topics like "How To Become An Amazon Best Selling Author" and “How To Build Your Sales Funnel” and “How to Create A Low Ticket Offer That Converts Into High Ticket” “How To Market From Flow” and more… Each of these sell separately for $300 to $700 each. 


✔️ Monthly Group Coaching ($800 Value) 

Mastermind Discussions take place the second and third Thursdays of the month. 

The once a month monthly mastermind call is all about YOU. Taking place on Zoom I will answer your questions and give advice on how to customize and apply the lessons taught in the intensive to your business. I am famous for my masterminds, as the high level conversation leaves beginners and business veterans both inspired, energized and activated. 


✔️ Automation & Systems: Monthly behind the scenes on my automations and funnels ($500+)

On occasion I will provide an additional ‘technical’ trainings on how to automate and scale your business. My CPA is always in awe of how lean I run my business, and it’s not because I do everything myself, but because I have the technical pieces set up so I can focus on doing the things that are my zone of genius. 

✔️ Immediate Access to FULL Mogul Mastermind Library! ($2,000+)

As soon as you sign up you will have access to ALL previous month's trainings and intensives! Some of the previous intensives are Mastering Multiple Streams of Revenue, Building an Audience, Creating Digital Courses and more! 

Investment: $249 a month. Cancel anytime.

Are you ready to become a mogul? 


I am ready to build my empire!

New Intensive, Every Month:

Every first Thursday we start the month with a new topic... 

These high-value intensives are so powerful that each month my Moguls are blown away, energized and ready to take action on working ON their business! We aren't talking about the fluffy stuff either, these are topics you are dying to understand how it applies to YOU and because of the interactive nature of the mastermind, you get to ask questions! 

The MEMBERS request the topics, so ask and you shall receive! 

Just some of the topics: 

  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income
  • Building An Audience Online 
  • Writing an Amazon Best-Seller 
  • Building Your First Sales Funnel 
  • Finding Your Voice In Business 
  • How to Automate Your Business
  • ... and so much more! 

You do not need to have thousands of followers or a huge network to engage in any of these streams of income, but you do need to be intentional about planning and putting together your offers and how you show up. 

 📆 The Monthly Intensive will be taught live the FIRST Thursday of the month at 7:30am HST/9:30am AK/12:30pm CT/1:30pm EST

📆 The Monthly Mastermind Discussions will be the SECOND and THIRD Thursday of the month at 7:30am HST/9:30am AK/12:30pm CT/1:30pm EST

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Your Membership = Results.

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The Mogul Mastermind


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  •  Monthly High Vibe Intensive ($700 Value)

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls ($800 Value)

  •  Automation & Systems: Specialized Trainings on behind the scenes on my automations and funnels.

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The world needs you to become your most powerful you.

You made it this far, and you can read ahead to my Origin story... but maybe you already recognize you are how I was... and struggling to put all the pieces together. Maybe you need that little bit of guidance to help you get to the next level. Maybe you need the right tools but don't know where to start. 

Well, maybe this is your year. 

This is my most powerful program ever. I will share all my secrets and strategies in one convenient place. Plus you get a community, a Mastermind of like minded people... of Moguls.  All of this is available 24/7. 

Don't say no to soul if this feels in alignment for you. 

You deserve success. You deserve freedom. You deserve happiness. 

More importantly, the people in your life deserve so much more. They need the real, full, authentic you. They need the version of you that lights up the world and brings your spark to everyone you touch. 

I'm not just talking about your family. Your clients need your spark just as much. 

I know it's scary and it's a change. That's just the protective voice is your heard that thinks change is bad. 

Change is not bad. Change is good. Growth is change. In order to grow, we must change. This growth, this change is outside of our comfort zone. If it's in our comfort zone, it would be comfortable and it wouldn't be change. 

Go ahead. Invest in yourself and your future. You deserve it. 

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My origin story…


There are a hundred, if not a thousand, times in my life when I’ve felt alone, unseen and uninspired. This is the driver for all that I do… to provide a space and community, whether through social media, coaching or speaking, for other entrepreneurs to feel less alone on this journey.

Humble Beginnings…

I was born in Florida and raised in San Antonio until I was about 5. After that my mother fled to Alaska, with my younger siblings, after my father went to prison. There were many things that made my upbringing ‘untraditional’, but the most impactful were growing up in poverty and not attending school. I was homeschooled, but because of my mother's work schedule, was often left alone with my siblings.

There were years filled with trauma, abuse, sex and drinking. Being mixed-race and without an anchor, I never felt like I belonged anywhere and often used anything I could find to numb the loneliness. I didn’t consider myself smart in any way, or particularly good at anything. I moved to Hawai’i in 2011 and that would become the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and the journey to finding me.

I was an entrepreneur, and I didn’t even know it…

When I was 13 my family was given a computer and instead of playing computer games, I played typing games until I could type over 100 words per minute. I started earning money transcribing college students recordings for their papers. I was 14 when I built my first website for my mothers nonprofit, and around the same age when I received a cease a desist order from an author whose book I loved. I had made a website about the book, simply because I liked it, with no concept of plagiarism or copyrights. I apologetically took it down. These were the technical skills that would be the foundation of my empire.

Fast forward to living in Hawai’i, I was working at the Marketing Director for a non-profit, which put me in rooms and on stages speaking about their mission. Through networking I was introduced to business owners and started to realize I had a marketable skillset. I could build websites and had been studying social media ads for fun. Businesses needed me!

That’s how my digital marketing agency was born. From there it seems like my entire life has been on fast forward. From growing my agency to a team of six and getting clients all over the US I drowned myself in work, still chasing numbness. It wasn’t until I started on my own journey of personal development that everything shifted. I no longer wanted to work 100 hours a week. I wanted to actually live a life I could enjoy.

The Glow Up

I began journaling, meditating, working on and completely changed my life. I started showing up in a more vulnerable way, whether on stage or on social media, and saw my life shift. This journey inspired my best-selling journal, The Manifest List, and many motivational talks.

In 2019, I closed my agency and my business it took the form it has today. It is build of three key pillars.

I Inspire. I create free content bringing energy and education to entrepreneurs and individuals on their own journeys. I aim to create ‘binge worthy content’ for anyone wanting to level up and just need good energy vibes and solid advice.

I Equip. For entrepreneurs in the DIY stage of their journey I created programs and courses so they can be supported and educated on business and marketing fundamentals and activities. Each course involves so much love and guidance, I really try to remember where I was at and what I would have loved to know at earlier stages in my journey.

I Activate. Those who are ready to go all in, I want to partner with them as a business coach and work side-by-side with them for 6 months or a year. It’s the ultimate joy for me to go on this journey with someone!


I would love to connect with you on Instagram or Facebook. 

Sharon Gutierrez

Spend time with me in the Mogul Mastermind this month!

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The Foundation of Empires... 

In this bonus training I am sharing the key foundation pieces to building your own empire. I created this because I wanted to have THE starting point for you to go and learn all about how to prep not only your business but your branding and mind for success! 

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Q: What is the secret to mastering multiple streams of income? 

A: Taking Action. 

I decided a long time ago that I was going to make money from just being me. My affirmation is "I get paid for everything I do" and over the years, it has shown to be true again and again. Don't take years to make it happen like I did, take action now, embrace being you and build a damn empire. 

Here are some of the things that bring me income: 

  • Book Sales
  • Speaking Engagement 
  • Sponsored Posts / Collaborations
  • Affiliates 
  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Group Coaching 
  • Digital Courses (Evergreen) 
  • Membership Site 
  • App subscriptions (SaaS company) 

The reality is, it all comes from the same energy and that is what January will be about. In this intensive, taught live and then loaded into your dashboard, we are going to go all-in on allll the ways you can get paid and start setting up your multiple streams of revenue for 2022. 

You do not need to have thousands of followers or a huge network to engage in any of these streams of income, but you do need to be intentional about planning and putting together your offers and how you show up. 


During our January Intensive + mastermind here is what you’ll takeaway: 

  • Brainstorming of dozens of ways to generate additional revenue
  • Understanding passive revenue versus active revenue 
  • How to start prepping your audience (even if it’s small) for upcoming launches 
  • Finding 3 to 5 streams of revenue that fit for you
  • Establish what methods of creation, hosting, and distribution are right for you
  • And more! 
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There are dozens of places to build an audience... 

But because there are SO many options, so many people never take action, get overwhelmed and give up or attract the wrong people. When we are talking about empires and and engaging multiple streams of income, it doesn't work quite right wen you don't have an audience. This month we are going to tackle this head on and not only learn about ways you can build an audience without being on camera, but can brainstorm your content pillars live during our mastermind! 

This Month You'll Learn: 

  • Choosing your platforms 
  • Creating themes
  • How to use stories
  • How to keep sanity and privacy 
  • Identifying your most engaged followers 
  • How to grow your email list from stories
  • Retargeting your most engaged followers 
  • And more!

You do not need to have thousands of followers or a huge network to engage in any of these streams of income, but you do need to be intentional about planning and putting together your offers and how you show up. 


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I launched my first course "90 Days To Get Your Marketing Sh*t Together" and made $10k... 

Looking back now, I bootstrapped that baby but I found a formula that worked. Since then I've worked with businesses all over the US build courses of all types: Upsells, down-sells, signature programs. The important thing is that YOU have something to offer... we just need to draw it out and package it. You don't have to do complicated launches either, you can simply have it in your arsenal and one of your streams of revenue. 

The secret to a successful launch? Well.. that's what you are going to learn this month. Hint: You already have it! 

This Month You'll Learn: 

  • How to find a topic from your niche and life experience. 
  • How to get proof of concept. 
  • Options for hosting: bootstrap to full luxury! 
  • Landing page rules.
  • Find where your course fits into the customer journey. 
  • Marketing your course. 
  • How to build and deliver your course. 

You do not need to have thousands of followers or a huge network to engage in any of these streams of income, but you do need to be intentional about planning and putting together your offers and how you show up. 

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